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Ørestad Gymnasium is a high school leaving examination with a special profile focusing on media, communications, and culture.

We offer specialized study programmes within the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Ørestad Gymnasium is proud to be featured in this impressive project’Innovation 800′, which tells the creative story of the University of Cambridge and will help inspire its students to be the world’s next great innovators. Read more


Media profile

Our media profile is reflected

  • in our range of specialized study programmes
  • in the teaching topics of each subject
  • in the interdisciplinary activities
  • in our network relations with companies and institutions within the media and communications industry.

Our aim is to be the obvious school choice for students who wish to prepare for further and higher education within media, communications, and culture. At the same time also being a high school for everybody else.

Preparing students for the future

Creativity and innovation are essential skills in our future society. We aim to create a school where teachers and students stimulate each other to think in creative and innovative ways.

We teach students how to participate in a society in which the production of knowledge and experience is playing a steadily increasing role.