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Call for Proposals

Contributors are invited to submit proposals to share their findings, experiences and expertise with a broad audience at the 2021 AEEE conference. To do so, please read the following guidelines, then click on the link to the submission form at the end.

Five themes are featured at the conference. Please choose the appropriate one for your presentation.
The themes are described below.

A special feature of our conferences is the diverse spectrum of participants from all areas of economics education. The largest groups are teachers - mainly at secondary level - in the fields of economics, business studies or related disciplines; university-based researchers who study economics education; teacher trainers; and school administrators. Presentations are generally expected to be engaging, accessible and beneficial to members of all groups. (We will, in some cases, accept a qualified narrowly-targeted presentation, but only if the proposal clearly indicates the intended audience.)

We favor presentations that offer practical benefits to teachers, who attend the conference to discover new tools and techniques to enhance their teaching. Insights on how to approach current European issues such as migration, EU reform, digital competition or the response to the pandemic or Brexit are likewise welcome.

It is expected that contributors to a conference on education will demonstrate excellent pedagogical practice. Participants learn both from what is presented and how it is presented. Presenters are encouraged to use whatever methods work best to engage their audience. Interactive approaches and creative use of media can be especially helpful.

Three types of session formats are offered at the conference. Please choose the appropriate one for your presentation. The formats are listed on the session format page.

Following the conference, contributors will have the opportunity to post materials used in or related to their presentations on this website. In addition, we encourage submissions (in English or German) to the Zeitschrift für ökonomische Bildung (ZföB), the on-line journal of the Zentrum für ökonomische Bildung at the University of Siegen. Submissions will undergo a double-blind referee process.

The deadline for proposals is September 19, 2021.
Proposals submitted before summer will receive a decision within one week.

Accepted proposals will be posted on the conference website to help participants decide which presentations to attend.

To submit a proposal, Click here

For further information about contributions to the conference, kindly contact Brent Kigner ( or Theo Roos (

Theme 1: The economic inequality
Inequality is driving turbulence in Europe and around the world, now exacerbated by the pandemic. How do we teach about inequality, its causes and effects, possible solutions, or its connections to globalization, democracy, sustainability and the social market economy?

Theme 2: Entrepreneurship and business economics.
Entrepreneurship is increasingly important as a scholarly field. This theme focuses on multiple dimensions of entrepreneurship, including entrepreneurs' characteristics, new ventures and innovation, firms' life cycles; as well as the role played by institutions and public policies within local, regional, national and international contexts in which business economics amd entrepreneurship became increasingly intertwined.

Theme 3: Financial Literacy.
Financial education is treated very differently in schools from country to country. What, then, can countries learn from each other's experiences? The core of the theme will consist of a series of presentations on financial education in schools in individual countries followed by a round table that brings country representatives together in discussion. Beyond this, we welcome all presentations that provide insight on financial literacy and education -- for example, on banks' contributions to financial literacy, measurement of financial literacy, approaches to reaching students of different ages, and so forth.

Theme 4: Alternative teaching approaches.
The theme explores the expanding array of methods that teachers of economics, business economics and related subjects use to supplement or replace traditional approaches. We welcome presentations on a variety of techniques, digital and otherwise, including experiments, games and simulations.

Theme 5 is reserved for areas not covered by the other four themes. Teachers and researchers will present current work on other topics related to economics and business education. Past conferences saw a very wide variety of subjects; we expect the same in 2021.

In all five pathways, presentations that report on international comparisons or cross-border projects are particularly welcome.

The language of the conference will be English.