Welcome to the 22nd European Economics Education Conference

At this page you can enhance your personal experience of the conference.
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You can login at the right upper corner of this page. When you did not change your password yet, your password is shown in every mail that has sent to you by AEEE.

When you click the menu-item "Programme", you can check the programme for the conference, the print version gives a printable PDF-file.
When you are logged in, you can create at this page your personal schedule by clicking to add a presentation you want to visit to your schedule or to remove a presentation from your schedule.
The schedule created is shown when you click the menu-item "Personal Schedule".

Personal Schedule
When you have created your personal schedule, this schedule is shown by clicking this menu-item.
Your personal schedule is not obligatory and can be changed at any time. You can also decide last minute which presentation you want to attend.
You can save your personal schedule in two ways:
  • Click "Export your personal schedule into your personal agenda". An ics file will be created. By opening that file your schedule will be imported in your personal calender programme like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and IBM Notes Google Calendar for web browsers, Apple Calendar (previously called Apple iCal) for iOS mobile devices and Macs, Yahoo! Calendar, Mozilla Lightning Calendar, and VueMinder.
  • Click "Create a PDF of your personal schedule". A pdf-file will be generated. You can save or print this file for your own use.
We encourage you to create a personal schedule. This also will be helpful to us because it tells us the expected amount of attendees for each presentation.

Attendees or Presenters
Clicking one of these menu-items will give you a list of all the registered attendees or all the presenters of the conference. By clicking an attendee or presenter, you can view his or her profile and add this attendee or presenter to your contacts. Your contacts will be shown in your personal account (https://www.economicseducation.eu/index2.php?page=37&sub=&onder=40).

Overview all presentations
When you click this menu-item you will see an overview of all presentations sorted by theme. So, if you have a special interest in one of the themes, this page might be helpful for you.

Map of Copenhagen
This menu-item will give you a map of Copenhagen. For your sake we added important places of the conference to the map.
The Ørestadt Gymnasium, the conference hotel, the airport and the area for our social programme will be shown.

We wish you a great conference!