income distribution and redistribution - a simulation game

Theme 1   The economic inequality.
Theme 4   Alternative teaching approaches.

Secondary school seachers.

In this workshop, participants will play a game simulating the (unequal) distribution and the redistribution of income and discuss its potentials and limitations for classroom use. One aim of the game is to illustrate and reflect on how (primary) income distribution comes about: what are the relative significance of personal effort, talent, capital assets and luck, respectively? Following from this, it can be asked what makes a distribution 'fair'. A second goal is to look into the formation of redistribution policies: who suggests which sort of redistribution rules, and how do they make their way through the democratic system? The game works with real incentives, and one point of discussion will be whether successful teaching about inequality and related topics needs to provoke students’ emotions – and if so, how this may be achieved.

Presented by: Annette Kern (1, 1)

Workshop (75 min)

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