Distance learning: Supply Chain Finance

Theme 4   Alternative teaching approaches.

Secondary school seachers.
Researchers and academics.


The article gives a short overview of theories on didactics and distance learning used in the framework of an online course in English, given by a senior lecturer from the Netherlands (HAN) to students of the faculty of Economics of Chelyabinsk State University (CSU), to let students get experience in distance learning in an international educational environment and acquire knowledge on the topic Supply Chain Finance (SCF).

The teaching material of the course was represented by six lectures recorded by J. Jansen and available online (www.principlesofsupplychainfinance.nl/scf-course/).

Combination of the recorded lectures and interactive online seminars for discussion of home assignments allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the topic SCF. Finally, the course was finished with an individual online oral exam. Students and teaching staff of CSU evaluated this extra-curricular course. This pilot of distance learning will be developed into a course of a master programme at the faculty of Economics of CSU. The educational theories of Biggs, Bloom, Hattie, Garrison, Vaughan, Klabbers, Sousa and Kolb were applied to provide students with the best modern experience of distance learning.


Distance learning, blended learning and flipping the classroom are all didactics that might be interesting to adapt in an international classroom setting. Staff exchange in higher education is one of the vehicles to have more internationalisation for students; in the past decades there were a lot of initiatives to have this type of internationalisation.

Sometimes faculty moved for a semester or term abroad, or via an intensive course for a week. Normally it is quite expensive to organise, plus a lot of personal impact on the life of the lecturer (and his or her family).

In this paper we would like to investigate one of the modes of distance learning, combined with flipping the classroom and blended learning.

Based on a track record of nearly two decades of collaboration between the faculty of economics of Chelyabinsk State University (CSU) and University of Applied Sciences Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN), an initiative was developed under the authority of the dean of the faculty economics of CSU. A senior lecturer/researcher of HAN, and two lecturers (one from CSU and one from HAN) were involved to deliver a semester distance learning course in the field of Supply Chain Finance.

Presented by: Jan Jansen (1, 1) and Anna & Elena Vaganova & Kaledinova

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