Design Thinking Method- A way to innovative economic teaching and learning?!

Theme 4   Alternative teaching approaches.

Secondary school seachers.
Researchers and academics.

Digital learning environments are increasingly becoming a part of business teaching and learning. However, the Corona pandemic has also revealed multiple deficits for online teaching and homeschooling at German schools and universities. Many schools in Germany have neither the digital infrastructure nor digitization concepts (Vodafone Foundation, 2020, 12ff.). The "Stud.diCo" study showed that many students feel lonely and miss the contact with fellow students. Lecturers complained that it was more difficult to motivate and activate students (Reinmann et al. 2020, 20). In order to develop practical solutions to the described problems, the design thinking method was integrated into a bachelor course dealing with different theoretical approaches of business education. The idea was for students to create their own course design along the Design Based Research process (, which is carried out by the students themselves at the end of the semester. An interactive presentation will introduce the design thinking process for the innovative course design as well as the developed course. In addition, criteria for future interactive course designs in economic education will be discussed.

Presented by: Benjamin Apelojg (1, 1) and Stena Thering

Interactive presentation

Downloadable files: 27_1005_211005 Vortrag AEEE.pdf

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