Vocational tertiary education (not academic) in European countries

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Vocational tertiary training courses have been existing in Italy for about 10 years now, and its outcomes in terms of employment have been excellent ever since. The problem is that the number of attending students is still too low: as of today, only 16.000.

A reform that will increase the number of courses by reviewing and enriching current professional profiles, as well as by intervening on the organizational aspect of the system at national level, is currently under examination. As an Association of Economic Education, we are currently working on developing administrative-managerial training profiles - totally missing now – to be proposed to the competent bodies working on the reform.

As for today, most of vocational training profiles are of technical-industrial type, particularly focused on automation, information technology and telematics.

Thanks to collaboration with companies, tertiary level allows students to acquire 4.0 level telematics and IT skills

Information technology and telematics have radically changed the administrative procedures and the management of companies.

For these reasons, AEEE Italia has proposed some management profiles to the bodies working on the reform, such as, for example:

- management control officer, competent to verify that the company's objectives are pursued efficiently through budgets and cost analysis. This requires accounting and IT skills for the use of management systems and mathematical-statistical skills for the analysis and representation of data

- expert in relational database and ERP software, who knows the structure and the processes developed by these IT tools and can optimize their use. This requires knowledge of the structure of an ERP system and CRM technology platforms

- warehouse management expert competent in managing warehouse logistics, recording the transactions and statistically verifying movements and stocks. This requires knowing how to use IT systems such as MRP, WMS or WCS

To strengthen its proposal to the Italian authorities, taking a cue from European best practices, AEEE Italia would be interested in discussing with other EU countries that currently have activated professional management-administrative tertiary training courses about:

-types of courses and professional figures: professional profiles, duration, teaching, internships

-course management: bodies that manage courses, access methods, links to academic tertiary training

-employment data follow up

-main strengths and weaknesses of each experience

We will present the Italian system and a proposal AEEE Italia submitted to the competent bodies working on the reform using slides.

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