A short scale of the Test of Economic Competence (TEC) for the Use of Practitioners and Researchers (keynote follow up)

Theme 5   Miscellaneous.

Secondary school seachers.
Researchers and academics.

We present a 12-item short scale for measuring cognitive components of economic competence. Using a rich data set with more than 12,000 secondary school students from Southwest Germany, the item scale shows high discriminatory power and addresses a wide range of ability levels. Analysis of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) detects no item bias across key demographic characteristics and test scores show meaningful associations with scores obtained from adjacent test instruments. Student and group-level correlates mirror results relying on the original item scale with 31 items. The short scale enables researchers and practitioners to efficiently capture domain-specific competences in a variety of contexts.

Presented by: Gunther Seeber (1, 1) and Luis Oberrauch and Mira Eberle

Lecture (20 min)

Downloadable files: 32_562_Presentation- Short TEC.pdf

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