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Theme 2   Entrepreneurship and business economics.
Theme 4   Alternative teaching approaches.

Secondary school seachers.
Researchers and academics.

The conference will explore "ways to give students the foundation they need to pursue their economic goals and act as responsible citizens.

In this workshop we will focus on businesses and their environment. Who are businesses involved with? So, who are their stakeholders?

The workshop will be supported by one of two alternative teaching approaches.

You will participate in a case study as if being a student. We will explore a local business case. This micro approach lays the foundation for a macro approach. The goal of this case study is that students experience that bridging divisions will be eased by getting to know and how to involve your stakeholders.

Presented by: Petra Zevenbergen (1, 1)

Workshop (75 min)

Downloadable files: 33_5590_

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