Class experiments invented and executed by students

Theme 4   Alternative teaching approaches.

Secondary school seachers.

In this presentation I would like to show a class experiment developed by a group of my students. This means that the attending participants will take part in the experiment. It is a behavioral experiment in which the participants have to make choices with a restraint budget, on how they will spent their money. The experiment will take some twenty minutes.

This experiment is one example of the many experiments that students have come up with as a result of a obligatory assignment that is a part of their exam.

In the second half of this presentation the assignment itself will be presented - which contains a structural planning and also the assessment model. Therefore the participants get a rather complete assignment in hand which they can use or adapt so it will suit their own needs. The participants will be able to ask questions so that they get tips and tricks so that the threshold to use the assignment will be lower.

Presented by: Ton Nouwens (1, 1)

Interactive presentation

Downloadable files: 35_5666_PP presentation NWS How to organize the creation of Classroom Experiments by students 290921.pptx
35_5666_PP presenation Classroom Experiment Ruben Juliet Nienke ( English version) - kopie.pptx
35_5666_Assignment vwo 5 Economie in Context 2020.docx
35_5666_Score form for the students 041021.docx
35_5666_Beoordeling Context en Klaslokaalexperiment 5V 2019.docx
35_5666_PO Deelopdracht 2 vwo 5 Economie in Context 2020 160521.docx
35_5666_Beoordelingsmodel Keuze-onderwerpen deel2.docx

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