CORE Textbook’s Facts and Discussion-based Learning: A Study on its Use to Develop Economic Literacy in Japan

Theme 4   Alternative teaching approaches.

Researchers and academics.

CORE textbook provides basic economic models with substantial data, graphs, historical facts, and current economic problems. Thus, it provides learning resources to develop a critical understanding of the actual economy. Using CORE textbook, I conducted a course in political economy offered in English for students at Ritsumeikan University in Japan. I examined how the textbook contributed to develop their economic literacy. Each session of the course consisted of a lecture whose content is based on the CORE textbook, and a submission of a mini report by students that required them to make a critical discussion on a given economic problem by analyzing actual data and facts. At the start and the end of the course, I conducted an exam using the same format that tested the students’ economic literacy. The results of the empirical survey show that the students’ economic literacy has significantly increased during the course. In this paper, I conclude that CORE textbook is effective in increasing non-native English speaking students’ economic literacy via the textbook’s fact-based educational resources with critical perspectives.

Presented by: Natsuka Tokumaru (1, 1)

Interactive presentation

Downloadable files: 37_5686_TokumaruAEEE.jxl.pdf

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