Emergency Remote Teaching and Program Intervention: Towards a Human-Machine Pedagogy based on Interactive Learning Documents

Theme 4   Alternative teaching approaches.

Researchers and academics.

Teaching restrictions, due to the covid-19 pandemic, have rapidly shifted the global learning environment demanding educators to implement technology-based solutions in their instruction. In this case study, we discuss how Interactive Learning Documents (ILDs), based on R-Markdown and R-Shiny technologies can contribute to building student confidence in their transition from secondary to tertiary education under the conditions of Emergency Remote Teaching. We propose a human-machine based active learning pedagogy to be implemented in a stage one Introductory Statistics course delivered to social science students. Our results show that Interactive Learning Documents (ILDs) contribute to alleviating student’s transition to university education. Three factors contribute to this result: (i) ILDs help students reduce statistics anxiety, (ii) ILDs help learning by efficiently organizing large quantities and complex learning material, and (iii) ILDs provide students with a variety of dynamic interaction with the subject.

Presented by: Pascal Stiefenhofer (1, 1)

Lecture (20 min)

Downloadable files: 44_5692_European Economics Education Conference in Freiburg_2021.pdf

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