Hybrid assessment

Theme 4   Alternative teaching approaches.
Theme 5   Miscellaneous.

Secondary school seachers.

Formative assessment or summative assessment is the question nowadays for many schools, but what about hybrid assessment.

Assessment sounds like testing, but whether you use formative or summative assessment, it is all about evaluation.

So let's change assessment in evaluations. Every good teacher uses more or less fomative evalution in his classroom, may times even without being aware of it. Asking the question why is the biggest example.

But in many cases we need grades and studies show that grades does not play an important role in the learning process of students.

The idea that teacher notes on a evaluated test trigger students to learn is kind of obsolete. Studies show the opposite.

This lecture is about using formative evaluation of a summative test, called hybrid assessment.

Formative evalution of a summative test helps students learn from their mistakes and give a teacher a good insight in their learning process.

This presentation is about how we can transform a summative test evaluation into a learning moment (instead of a forced exercise), how we can make summative testing more valuable for the learning process of students.

Presented by: Theo Roos (1, 1)

Interactive presentation

Downloadable files: 46_13_Hybrid Assessment.pptx

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