Learning by playing: Financial Literacy Game in the International Economics Olympiad

Theme 3   Financial Literacy.
Theme 4   Alternative teaching approaches.

Secondary school seachers.

International Economics Olympiad (IEO) is an annual competition in economics organized for high school students, intended to stimulate the activities of students interested in economics, business, and finance through creative problem-solving. One of the parts of the IEO — Financial Literacy Game, developed to test knowledge of FL through engaging gameplay. A player will choose their character and then take the financial decisions that help reach the financial goal set for this character.

In 2021, the game has been used in 10 countries for national teams selection for the IEO.

In this workshop, the speakers will show the game to the participants and tell how it can be used for educational and FL testing purposes. The participants will be able to play the game during the workshop and use it in its teaching later.

Presented by: (, ) and Danil Fedorovykh


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