Learning reading the complexity of economics is a question of competence

Theme 5   Miscellaneous.

Secondary school seachers.

Teaching economics to bridge division

Tema 5 Lecture

Learning to read complexity of economics: a question of competence

After 3 years, owing to pandemic disruption, since when we asked What’s worth fighting for learning economics”, the question this new Conference asks for is how to bridge division that affects Economics, social and political interactions and dissociation.

Division that brings inequality challenges and engages the main pillars of our democracy; division that deals with the complexity of economics as a social science proposes, a new integrated vision, a cultural approach reconnecting student’s knowledge to reality; division that leads the debate and the dialogue around a new way to challenge and understand what’s going on in the framework of economics, law and social science is a question of competence as a coherent system of knowledge, skills and abilities for successful learners, confident individual, effective contributors and responsible citizens

Economics is the core question in our days: our task is to make clear to our students the idea of progressive capitalism in an age of discontent as J.E. Stiglitz advises us

Presented by: Renella Bandinelli (1, 1)

Lecture (20 min)

Downloadable files: 49_453_
49_453_INEQUALITY23rd AEEE Conference.docx

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