Finnish teachers’ self-efficacy in teaching the 21st century competencies: Focus on financial education

Theme 3   Financial Literacy.

Researchers and academics.

In this presentation, we discuss the relationship between financial literacy education and 21st century skills. We investigate the readiness of Finnish teachers to teach the 21st century skills and financial education, and determinants of financial literacy among Finnish teachers. We use two different samples, one consisting of teacher students and a smaller consisting of in-service teachers.

Our findings indicate that students indicate great interest and self-efficacy related to the 21st century skills, but there is also variation. Self-efficacy concerning economy-related issues such as work life skills and entrepreneurship are lower than other items. There are also considerable differences in financial literacy between the in-service teachers and teacher students. There are also gender differences and differences between the respondent regarding their specialization.

We conclude by discussing the role of further teacher training in strengthening the teaching of the 21st century competencies and financial literacy.

Presented by: Panu Kalmi (1, 1)

Lecture (20 min)

Downloadable files: 57_17_presentation freiburg_kalmi.pptx

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