MobLab: A Digital Lab for Teaching Economics

Theme 5   Miscellaneous.

Secondary school seachers.

What is MobLab?

MobLab ( is an ed-tech company that provides an online platform to run economic games and experiments with your students. Watch our intro video:

Motivation for the Workshop

Setting up classroom experiments is labor and time intensive, but MobLab can do it easily and quickly for class sizes from a dozen to thousands of students simultaneously. After the experiment, the results, along with detailed graphs and statistics, are immediately available for a smooth Integration into the lecture.

Before the Workshop

We invite you to participate in our global AEEE Ultimatum Game Contest ( RSVP to to obtain your login info. The winner will be announced during our workshop and rewarded a EUR 50 Amazon gift card.

Workshop Agenda

• Reviewing the results of the AEEE global Ultimatum Game contest and announcing the winner.

• Participate in two rounds of MobLab’s Double Auction Market Game.

• Reviewing and discussing the game results and their pedagogical value.

• Participate in MobLab's Tragedy of the Commons game.

• We will demonstrate how communication and private property rights can enable groups to overcome the dilemma.

• Q&A for unanswered questions

We are looking forward to seeing you in Freiburg!

Presented by: Nathanael Berger (1, 1) and Si-Yuan Kong

Workshop (75 min)

Downloadable files: 6_5653_MobLab Flyer One Page.pdf

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