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Freiburg 2020

"Teaching economics to bridge divisions"

Monday 24th - Wednesday 26th August 2020
23rd European Economics Education Conference

People are not naturally equipped to understand economics intuitively. They may find it difficult to distinguish enlightenment from appealing fallacy. In the search for solutions to growing inequality and other social ills, this can lead to a cycle of deepening frustration and support for self-defeating public policies. Economics teachers today therefore have a special responsibility to bridge the gap between what weve learned through years of training and what our students bring to the classroom. The conference will explore ways to give students the foundation they need to pursue their economic goals and act as responsible citizens.'

Registration will open on January 20, 2020. You are encouraged to register soon. After June 1 2020, there will be a supplemental fee
for late registration.
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The AEEE Conference 2020 is an international gathering of educators and researchers with professional interests in all aspects of economics and business education in Europe and worldwide.

At this conference you can:
  • Be inspired: explore new approaches, get some fresh ideas;
  • Exchange experiences with specialists and other teachers;
  • Find new ideas to take to your students;
  • Join in - get in contact with teachers from Europe and beyond;
  • Discover innovative instructional methods;
  • Celebrate Freiburg's 900 year jubilee.

If you are interested in contributing a presentation at the conference, see Call for contributions
Proposals for contributions may be submitted beginning January 20, 2020.

For information about registration or logistics, kindly contact the Conference Organizer: Bernd Remmele . For other information, contact either Bernd or Brent Kigner.
Freiburg 2021
Our 23rd European Economics Education Conference will be held in Freiburg Germany. Our host will be Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg.

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