Subject: Association of European Economics Education conference deadlines

We hope you are staying safe and sane.

To compensate for time lost to quarantine and so forth, the deadlines for registration and submission of presentation proposals have been pushed back a few weeks.  That means we will accept presentation proposals until June 7 and registration without late fee until June 14.  (For further information about the conference, see

As of now, there is no plan to change the conference dates, August 24-26.  Other organizations are generally leaving late-August events in place.  In fact, many have postponed spring events to August.  But, as we know, things can change rapidly. The AEEE team will meet on April 7 to make an assessment and send out a note afterward.  In case the conference needs to be postponed, it will be held in August 2021.

Since we cannot see into the future, any input would be appreciated. (Kindly write to Brent Kigner:  We would particularly like to find out if the virus is interfering with people’s plans to attend the conference because, for example, classroom research is blocked or funding channels aren’t operating. 

Be well,

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Greetings from the AEEE-team.