Subject: AEEE Conference: keynote speakers and venue

We are pleased to announce that the 22nd European Economics Education Conference will take place 22-25 August 2018 at the Ørestad Gymnasium in Copenhagen. Check our website for more information.

Ørestad Gymnasium is a high school leaving examination with a special profile focusing on media, communications, and culture. Specialized study programmes are offered within the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.
Ørestad Gymnasium is proud to be featured in this impressive project 'Innovation 800', which tells the creative story of the University of Cambridge and will help inspire its students to be the world's next great innovators. More about Ørestadt Gymnasium

We are proud to announce our first two keynote speakers:
Pall Rikhardsson Phd, the Dean of the School of Business at Reykjavik University. He is also a full professor in accounting focusing mainly on management accounting, continuous auditing and business analytics in his teachings and research, with a special interest in environmental matters.
Professor Dr Michael Wohlgemuth on Brexit, populism and the future of Europe.
Michael Wohlgenuth is economist and director, Open Europe Berlin.
Director of the think tank Open Europe Berlin, professor of political economy at the private University Witten/Herdecke, affiliated fellow at the Walter Eucken Institute, Freiburg, and tutor at the post-graduate programme Social Market Economy of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.
More about our keynote speakers

Contributors are invited to submit proposals to share their findings, experiences and expertise with a broad audience of teachers and researchers at the 2018 AEEE conference. Check for more information and our guidelines.
Contributors can choose from among three session formats, which vary by length and degree of interactivity, and a less-structured "Flipped Marketplace".
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Greetings from the AEEE-team.